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Performatots Staff Well-Being Week

"In Zen we don't find the answers... we lose the questions"

There's no denying that working in any sector of education is hard work, but at Performatots, and in early years... there’s never a moment to switch off.

The teaching team who work every day with your children... do an INCREDIBLE job!

There’s not a single moment when there’s not a little voice (or 5) asking for attention, connection, help, encouragement, support, a cuddle, a high five or a wee!

That's why Kelly Nevett - Principal and founder of Performatots Creative Learning Academy decided that she wanted a week dedicated to the health and well-being of her staff, thanking them for their incredible dedication and infallible care for the children in attendance at the Harrogate Pre-school.

A message from the Principal...

"At Performatots we really do put the well-being of our little pupils at the forefront of all we do. Our teaching team are amazing, and for that reason, I just wanted to take some moments this week, to help them remember their well-being in their commitment to an early education job role, is also highly important to me"

Kelly Nevett - Principal

Throughout the week, the team were treated to a variety of health and well-being exercises, designed to allow them time to stop, rest, reflect and just feel, well...that little bit more 'zen' in the middle of their incredibly demanding day.

Monday Funday

Kicking off our staff well-being week was 'Monday Funday'...

It is so important to remember to find the fun in every day and to take time to make each other laugh and giggle.

For this reason, the Performatots staff told jokes, danced and played tricks on each other all day!

It reminded us that taking time to play and make each other smile as well as the children is important at work too.

Our children learn by example and seeing smiley, happy teachers makes them feel safe and happy too. (Optimum learning conditions!)

Treat and Talk Tuesday

Day 2 in our staff well-being week was 'Treat & Talk Tuesday'...

We made time for ALL 8 staff members today to spend at least 30 minutes extra paid break in the office, talking and treating each other to a relaxing hand massage or mini manicure!

The questions were designed to go much deeper than the usual ‘how are you’ and ‘I’m fine’ response, such as:

  • What inspires you?

  • When did you last do something out of your comfort zone?

  • Is there someone you need to forgive?

  • Who are your biggest supporters?

It was nice to take time out to bond as a team and to remember talking is therapeutic. We had hugs, tissues and laughter too.

Our doors are always open for supporting you as parents too. Did you know that we offer parental guidance and help on a wide range of child development topics, such as sleep, tantrums and fussy eating? Just ask!

Wednesday Zen-Day

Day 3 of teacher well-being week is 'Wednesday Zen-Day'...

Meditation, Mindfulness and Mantras were the order of the day! 🧘‍♀️

In pairs, or solo, all staff were treated to a mindfulness meditation led by our very own Miss Elisha. After a few giggles everyone entered into the spirit of relaxation and enjoyed their time out!

Principal Miss Kelly prepared some little ‘Zen Goody bags’ for all to take home to enjoy a moment of calm that evening - fluffy socks, candles, hot chocolate, a biscuit and a face mask, alongside a handout with some tips to keep a calm and positive mindset.

Thirsty Thursday

Day 4 of teacher appreciation week was...'Thirsty Thursday'

To promote the importance of staying hydrated, especially in a fast paced and energetic job, our staff were treated to a drink from LMDC, our lovely local coffee shop!

All staff were able to take an extra break time to drink it in and put their feet up!

Staff were also treated to a yoga session to strengthen the body-a strong body helps build a strong mind.

Thoughtful Friday

Finally, to conclude a wonderful week or well-being and minfullness, day 5 was 'Thoughtful Friday'...

Staff were asked to reflect on their week, and how taking a little time to 'take care of me' benefited them and made them feel...

"Working in Early Years is the most wonderful, demanding, rewarding but exhausting job, and I feel so privileged to have my efforts recognised in this way.

We are so busy ensuring that the little people at Performatots feel happy, safe and secure, that it becomes easy to begin to neglect ourselves and our own well-being.

Just taking a few minutes every day to reflect, feel calm and relaxed made the world of difference, and I believe that I have learnt skills of which I can take forward into everyday, alongside discovering a new found love of yoga!"

Jessica Pape - Creative Lead Practitioner

All staff received a little personalised card, handwritten from the Principal, telling them exactly why they are valued and appreciated... A kind word goes a long way!

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