Our Curriculum

Educating the mind, without educating the heart is no education at all.

                                                                                                           - Aristotle

Our unique curriculum intends to give all children, what we call the 4 Performatots C's:


  • Confidence

  • Curiosity

  • Creativity

  • Capability


We do this through a truly magical and unique learning programme, that fully acknowledges and harnesses the power of the arts and the attributes they give young people.


Facilitated by our highly qualified and experienced teachers, we capture children's interests, spark their imaginations and build on their knowledge and skills each and every day.

Our young pupils are at the heart of everything we do, and we pride ourselves on our welcoming, inspiring and supportive pre-school. Our children grow in independence, imagination, creative thinking and academic skills throughout their time with us. 

'Be kind and caring, loving and sharing' is our Performatots family classroom motto, shared and upheld by our teachers and pupils. We are dedicated to developing a nice person, as well as a bright brain!


Your child is rewarded every step of the way for developing patience, manners, perseverence and resilience. We aren't just developing your child's academic abilities, we want them to be a super kind friend, a fantastic sharer, a lovely listener and a thoughtful, honest future citizen.

Through careful observation, we get to know your child's individual personality, their interests and learning style preference. We work hard to provide each child with a wealth of learning opportunities and experiences to fulfil their personal potential. 

Our pre-school curriculum has been designed to ensure that every pupil receives a cultural, well-rounded early years education, and they develop the necessary lifelong learning skills to become self-motivated, forward-thinking, cooperative learners.


At Performatots, the creative and performing arts are used as a vehicle for teaching all sorts of subjects and concepts from historical events to marine life to numeracy and life-cycles!

Teacher-Led Activities

We are lucky to have some amazing teacher-led sessions every single day, introducing our pupils to a wide array of subject matter and extending vocabulary. Through teacher-led activities, we are able to explore all sorts of wonderful things through our curriculum; gymnastics, languages, yoga sessions, baby ballet, street-dance and baking club to getting muddy on the field in Muddy Monkeys nature inspired sessions and exploring and investigating in science school on Wednesday afternoons. We may be acting out stories in speech and drama workshops or singing our little hearts out in our daily music session! If it's creative, active and gets the developing brain working - you can be sure to find it in the teacher-led part of our curriculum!

Child-Centred Activities

Play is a highly researched and documented early childhood subject. Many famous people have had plenty to say on the topic, Albert Einstein described it as '...the highest form of research' and Rogers described it as 'The work of childhood'. Play is the child's passionate work - it is how their brains learn best. Play is literally the way their brains build skills and knowledge. It is not frivolous, it is not a luxury or something to be undervalued. It is vital, necessary and fundamental to a child's development. 

Free play is a planned and special part of our routines - a chance to develop your child's own interests and spark their curiosity with our high quality and carefully selected resources. We want our children to be confident to think for themselves, able to independently select and access activities, join in, iniatiate and extend play with others and feel that their acheivements are valued. Freeplay is where we really get the chance to observe your child, so we can plan individually to meet their needs - challenging and encouraging or supporting where necessary. In free-play, pupils are doing what they love, interacting with teachers and new friends, totally self-motivated and engaged. That's how we want our classrooms to be - happy, busy, with an air of industry and excitement; where magical little miracles happen every day.

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.

 - Plato

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