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Our Curriculum at Performatots

If you're looking for a specialist Pre-School in Harrogate, you are in the right place, and your child will be in super caring expert hands! Around the age of 2, you may notice your child leaps ahead with their learning, and at Performatots we recognise this as a separate stage in their development, when children are ready for the next challenge, and more stimulation in their days.

We know how hard it is to find the very best place for your little one to settle quickly and feel at home, which is why your child's well-being is our most important focus when they start at Performatots. We work super hard to create a great relationship with our new children and families, to ensure your child feels safe, secure and enjoys all those fantastic learning experiences available to them at Performatots.

Performatots Pre-School has a very unique ethos. We aim to give young children the most fabulous start to their learning journey and transition into school. We champion a child's right to participate in rich, creative learning experiences, experiencing the arts in an active way. We teach the arts subjects every single day as wonderful subjects in their own right; dance, drama, music, singing, art and mindfulness are a part of each day here. But, the moments when the teachings at Performatots use these subjects to teach across the whole curriculum is really where the magic happens.

We may use song to learn colours, dance to develop an understanding of number and pattern, we may use drama and role play to enhance our understanding of early phonics, communication and language skills and social interactions. The possibilities for learning moments are endless when we use our imaginations, and we develop critical and creative thinking skills in our children.

Our curriculum has been designed to maximise these opportunities for our pupils, and we use the performing arts to develop self-confidence and self-belief. When a child has an inner sense of calm confidence and a strong belief in their abilities, this is a recipe for future success.

We are a teacher-led setting, which means many of our team have worked in reception classes and in schools, so our pre-school programme is dedicated to focusing on preparing children holistically for this transition.

There are so many aspects to our beautifully designed curriculum, where we follow your child's interests and skilfully develop their skills, knowledge and abilities. We love the outdoors, connecting to nature, exploring around our area to make the most of our central location.

Ultimately our curriculum aims to develop children who attend Performatots in Harrogate to leave our pre-school with our 4 C's - Creativity, Curiosity, Confidence and Capability across the whole curriculum. We leave them with a love of learning, an 'I-Can' attitude and a sense of adventure!

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