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Although our academic year at Performatots finishes at the end of July, the fun of summer clubs and holiday care begins. Marvellous summer memories are made at Summer Schools and we really look forward to our themed weeks.
Don't Despair - There is August Care!

Summer School is available for all 2-5 year old children in 2022, please click the relevant links below to explore your options.

Please note, there are very limited places on each summer school week and we put out the full week option first.. If all these places don't go, we will then advertise our seperate days option, so you may be able to book on a Monday and Wednesday only, for example, if all full week places don't get taken. However, although this is our booking policy, this hasn't been an option in the last 2 years as all places have been booked in advance for the full week.

Each day builds on the skills of the previous day and the programme is meticulously planned to help your child develop their own skills, knowledge, self-confidence and creativity.

Please don't miss out this year by booking too late - and don't forget you can save money and pay by childcare vouchers too! If you wish to use Tax Free Childcare, please call the office on 01423 819207 to arrange payment and we will issue you with a coupon code to enable you to register and check out without needing your card.
Academic Term Dates & Planned Closures Academic Years 2023 & 2024

Term Dates
Autumn/Winter Term (2023 - 2024):
Tuesday 5th September 2023 - Friday 15th December 2024
(3pm early closure on Friday 15th, in preparation for our annual Festive Family Event)

Easter Term (2023 - 2024) :
Wednesday 3rd January 2024 - Friday 22nd March 2024

Current Summer Term:
Monday 24th April 2023 - Thursday 27
th July 2023


Bank Holidays
Friday 7th April 2024 (Good Friday )
Monday 10th April 2024 (Easter Monday)
Monday 1st May 2023 (May Day)
Monday 8th May
 2023 (King Charles Coronation Bank Holiday)

Monday 29th May 2023 (Late Spring Bank Holiday)

Teacher Training Days 2023 - 2024
Monday 4th September 2023 (Autumn Term)
Tuesday 2nd January 2024 (Winter Term)
Friday 28th July 2023 (Summer Term)

Summer Holiday Closures

We close the whole school each year for general maintenance during the summer holiday period
in the last 2 weeks of August. 
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