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Our learning environment is really important to your child's development at Performatots. We are so lucky to have access to so many beautiful and inspiring spaces to play and learn in.

Performatots is spotless, light and bright, in fact, let's not beat around the bush, we'd go so far as to say it's an absolutely stunning early years department!


We learn through having the freedom to discover, explore and investigate what is on offer here at pre-school. Your child will have so many new and exciting activities and experiences across the curriculum areas to develop their knowledge, skills and help their little personality shine!

On site, we have our very own dedicated Yoga and Dance Studio, a sensory Zen Den and the ever-popular Performatots Bistro for baking, making and eating our meals together.


We have our beautifully resourced free-play classrooms, here we gather for things like sharing time and show and tell. Your child is free to choose what interests them and their class teaching team facilitate development through skilful and thought-provoking interactions.


We have a gorgeous music room, our very own pre-school lending library and even our storytelling theatre with a stage! Plus, let's not forget our Little Rockets Gym, which is perfect for exercise, physical play and building our muscles and coordination ready for writing when the time comes!


We have an outdoor courtyard classroom and hidden away is our Secret Garden area, home to Betsy Bunny, our kitchen herb garden and veggie patch too. We also have an adventure canoe, sand and water play, outdoor literacy den and painting easel outside for getting creative on those sunny summer days!


At Performatots, your child will use all the fantastic areas available for learning with their friends and teachers. We follow a daily routine, but no day is an 'ordinary' day here, every day for your child is  extraordinary and we squeeze every drop out of the learning experiences on offer!


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