Our learning environment is really important to our pupils and their development at Performatots. We are so lucky to have access to so many beautiful and inspiring spaces to play and learn in.


We learn through having the freedom to play, to explore and discover our little passions and what interests us in our Early Years School. 

On site, we have our very own dedicated Yoga and Dance Studio, a sensory Zen Den, a gorgeous teaching kitchen and separate dining room for baking and making meals together.


We have our beautiful light and bright classrooms, a music therapy room, our very own pre-school lending library and storytelling theatre. Plus, let's not forget our Little Rockets Gym, which is perfect for physical play and building our muscles!


We have an outdoor classroom and hidden away is our secret garden area, where we grow herbs and veggies too.


Children at Performatots move around the school with their friends, in their day routine, using different spaces for different types of learning experiences.