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Performatots Pre-School is a qualified teacher-led independent pre-school for children aged 2-5 years.


Our Early Years Department gives your child the very best start to their education journey, through a wonderful world of inspiring learning opportunities and experiences that help shape who they are, as much as what they know and can do.


We are open every day from 8am - 6pm, offering full day or half day sessions; preparing young children for a life filled with the excitement of learning, friendships and achievements. 

We believe young children deserve an incredible first experience of education in their early years. As a specialist pre-school, we aim to light a fire for learning inside your child, setting them up for a lifelong love of education and all ready for that transition to big school.


At Performatots, we truly value the power of the creative and expressive arts as a learning tool, as well as fantastic subjects in their own right.


We teach all the EYFS curriculum; including literacy, maths and science, but with an emphasis on creativity, sparking curiosity and imagination. We might be learning maths through dance, or literacy skills through drama class, or learning science through song. This is such a fantastic way to learn in the early years, because it is engaging, fun and active.


There is an undeniable power within the arts to build confidence, listening skills, focus, poise, imagination and personality in our pupils. Performatots children receive an extremely well-rounded education and exceptional care; they leave fully prepared for their next step into reception class.

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Early Years

Creative Learning Academy

Our aim at Performatots, is to provide a truly unique and special early childhood experience of learning, that is both inspirational and educational. 

We believe creative thinkers and motivated learners are the worlds greatest asset to education, businesses, the UK, and the world in which your children will be growing up in.


We want our children at Performatots to feel that exciting feeling of curiosity and discovering something for themselves. We want your child to be free to express their natural joy and individual personality.


We aim for our pupils to grow in confidence, each and every day, we want your son or daughter to be an investigator, explorers and inventors.


Performatots children are encouraged to develop their imagination and creative problem-solving skills in order to be able to persevere and be resilient.

The world is a fascinating place for young children and every day at Performatots is filled with adventure, awe and wonder.


We would love to show you around our dynamic and creative school, please see our admissions page to book a look.

'Play is the highest form of research'

 - Einstein


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