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Create Your Child's Future at Performatots Pre-School

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Our aim at Performatots, is to provide your child with truly unique and special early childhood experiences that give them a strong, unshakeable foundation that totally prepares them fully for the transition to big school.

We believe that creative thinkers and curious minds are the worlds greatest asset. The Performatots unique ethos and inspiring curriculum reflect our passion for the arts, championing your child's right to a culturally enriching creative early education.


Your child is a very special member of our pre-school community and they are valued for their individual personality, their own exciting achievements and their own journey of development across the early years curriculum.

Since the DfE and PHE recommendation in 2020, to not share group setting care during covid, we have upheld this policy at Performatots. We do not share care with other group settings; just like at primary school, we believe choosing and attending one school for your child, especially at this crucial stage of learning is in the best interests. We do understand that working parents need flexibility and we are happy to share care with a home-based childminder or private nanny.


There are many reasons, backed up by experience and research, that support this decision to be your child's main education provider at Performatots. For us, ensuring continuity of care, having the time and regular contact to get to know our pupils for planning and assessment of their needs, building secure attachments, feeling safe and settled, making strong friendships and helping to mitigate risks of childhood illness outbreaks are all things we feel are important to protect for the children and families we serve.


We also have a '2 sessions a week' registration policy - your child must be coming to our doors at the very least 2 times a week. The more children attend, the quicker they settle and the more they benefit from our unique curriculum teachings and consistent, nurturing care routines.

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