Understanding Funding

We know that early education can be a big expense for a family. But, there are plenty of ways to help with that cost. 


Private school early education is a fantastic investment in your child's future, setting them up for a lifelong love of learning and success. As Bill Gates said,

"The first 5 years have everything to do with how the next 80 turn out"


We understand that getting to grips with all the funding options out there can be a bit of a minefield, so we've put together the basics to help you understand your options.

You can use your 15 hours universal funding or your 30 hour funding code with Performatots, in blocks of 5 hours. Which equates to a half day or a full day session.


(f you have 30 hours to utilise, and you only do 2 full days, we claim for 20 hours funding on your behalf, providing your funding code is valid. We don't receive the full 30 hours unless you use it with us.)


Unfortunately, as I'm sure you may be aware from recent media campaigns, the government don't fund early years adequately at all. They simply don't pay enough to sustain our wonderful setting and we only wish they funded us better, so we could deliver a 'free' early education. We receive just over £4 per hour from the Local Authority and this is only paid to us for 38 weeks of the year, not the full academic year of Performatots, which is 46 weeks of the year. This isn't helpful to working parents either, as of course most of you work more than 38 weeks a year!

So, to explain and understand it better, we prefer to call it a 'very welcome subsidy' on your early education bill, and stay away from the hugely misleading slogan of 'free childcare.'


If we were a packaway play-group in a church hall with volunteers, we might just about be able to provide a £4 an hour babysitting service, but as those of you who are already part of Performatots before your funding kicks in - it's SO MUCH MORE than that here!

Please note that if you are eligible for 2 year funding and have a code or golden ticket to use, you can access a fully funded place at Performatots. We also offer places for eligible 3-4 year olds on a scholarship, where there are no additional contributions to pay apart from a £2.50 school dinner/tea charge. These scholarships are for low-income families and ensure that no child misses out on the special experiences and outstanding early education that is needed for future success. Please contact us to discuss available options if this is your family.

3 and 4 year funding:

There are only up to 38 weeks each year that are called 'funded'.


There is a charge for funded days, which covers your child's breakfast/lunch/tea, mid-session snacks and milk, consumables, all tuition classes in the day, clubs and adventure afternoon outings and taught afternoon activities, such as football or yoga.

For non-funded weeks we charge our usual session rate.

Basically, your fees are pretty much all-inclusive. We won't be billing you for any extra charges.

When applying funding to your tuition fee bill, your contribution to your child's time at Performatots will be:

Full Day Sessions: £15.05 (circa £1.50 per hour)

Half Day Sessions: £12.25 (£2.45 per hour)

We add up all funded and unfunded sessions in the year to give you one rolling monthly amount that stays the same each month. This can help you budget and makes it easy to pay in advance on the 1st of each month. 

You get the best value from your funding by booking in for the full day, but half days are an option for you, no problem.

If you would like to receive a personalised quote to see what your costs would be, including funding, please click below.

How Could I Save More?

Remember that if you pay via the Tax Free Childcare Scheme or Childcare Vouchers, you save 20% off your bill through paying in this way as the government will top up your childcare account by 20%. Ie when you put in £100, they put in an extra £20! It's like free money!


If you are on Universal Credit, you could be entitled to be reimbursed up to 85% of your bill. You will need to speak to your UC counsellor to find out if you are eligible.


2 Year Old Funding

2 year funding is only available to low-income families. 15 hours is the total that can be claimed for. To see if you are eligible, click below.

3 and 4 Year Old Funding Entitlement

3 and 4 year old funding is available to ALL families and you don't need to do anything other than fill in a parental agreement form from us, to access this. 15 hours is the total that can be claimed for. To see if you are eligible, click below. The term AFTER your child turns 3 is when you can use this.

30 Hour Extended Funding

30 hour funding is available to working families. If you both work and earn the equivalent of 16 hours at minimum wage, you should be eligible to apply for the additional 15 hours. You will need to apply on the HMRC website for this additional 15 extra hours and then 30 is the total that can be claimed for. To see if you are eligible, click below.

Universal Credit Childcare Element

Up to 85% of your residual childcare costs may be paid for by Universal Credit - ask your UC case worker to see if you are eligible.

Government Tax-Free Childcare

Using the governments own Tax Free Childcare (TFC) Scheme also saves you 20% on your fees at Performatots. This is similar to a childcare voucher scheme, but it's open to everyone - self employed families included. For example, you put in £100 to your tax free childcare account online and the government tops your account up with an additional £20!