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It is inevitable that some of your child's property may go missing from time to time at school. Parents often have bought the same coat from the same shop, and there are countless identical black plimsolls - oh, and we all wear the exact same polo shirt!

Children do also get hot during certain activities and strip off their jumpers and cardigans around school; we might have got particularly excited in the water play tray or messy activity and have needed a change, we also change shoes for outside time regularly - whatever the reason, children don't always stick like glue to the items they arrive in and things can go walkabout!


This is why it is absolutely essential that your name can be seen quickly and easily in the neck of all your items - both shoes and both wellies too! We don't scour your item for a deftly hidden label - so make it obvious and make it easily seen at first glance!

Please recognise that as a team, we all spend an inordinate amount of time ensuring that named items go back into your child's drawer in the cloakroom. We understand it's frustrating if your item has been taken, but we are not in charge of other parents in the cloakroom and we don't have the time, muscles or inclination, to start avidly checking everyone's items as they leave on the door, like the bouncers of Performatots.


If your name's not down, you're not coming in....oh no, wait...If you're name's not down, you're not getting out....! ;)



Shoes rarely make it out of the cloakroom area. They stay in there the whole day, as children swop to their outside wellies or outside shoes for outdoor learning. And, back again! We don't as a rule allow children to wander around shoe-less, so therefore, it is almost impossible for them to be lost anywhere else in our school. If your child's shoes have gone missing in the cloakroom, it's going to be one of 3 reasons:

  1.  They've been posted into the wrong drawer by a child (Please feel free to open other drawers and hunt!)

  2. They've accidentally fallen down the back/under the drawer units (Housekeeping do check these, twice weekly.)

  3. They've gone home with another child who's parent has mistaken them for theirs.

Usually if the latter has mistakenly happened, items will be returned over the next couple of days.


There is a group chat for lost property in our parents facebook group. We recommend waiting a day or 2 before posting though, as they often appear back with us, so we can reunite you with them in your drawer, without clogging up the chat.


Please note that although we do our best on a daily basis,  items won't always be placed in drawers the very same day. Our Housekeeping Gleam Team do the final deep clean and sweep of all learning spaces at the close of play - so often they go in your drawer the following day.

If lost property doesn't have a name, it will go into our lost property wicker basket, by the main door, in the cloakroom.  At the end of each half term, unclaimed and useable lost property will be given to charity. We keep uniform items that are unlabelled and you are welcome to purchase these for £2 each, with the money going towards our sponsored child in Africa.


We recognise that bringing in toys from home or comforters may be a settling aid and help your child come in to school. However, once settled, we greatly encourage children to pop items brought from home straight into their drawer when they arrive. This is very much to limit the chance of it going AWOL!


Please note, that we do not allow toys that contain batteries in to school and all children know that if they want to show their friends, they have to be prepared to share. We don't recommend your child gets in to the habit of bringing in toys from home, for these obvious reasons; it will likely either get broken, lost down the back of a radiator or cause unnecessary distress. 


We do become marvellously adept over the academic year at knowing exactly which glove or shoe belongs to which child - but as you can imagine, we are only human! If we can read your child's name quickly and easily, it makes the process of reuniting you with your child's missing items far more efficient. Labelling also helps parents at home to recognise they've taken someone else's belongings by mistake.

Here is a link to a blog entry that gives lots of options for labelling, recommended by parents.

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