Meet the Leading Ladies!

Our Early Years Department is led by our Principal and Founder Miss Kelly, and our inspirational Head of Early Years Miss Charlotte.


Miss Charlotte

Miss Charlotte is here for all your questions on child development and has a wealth of experience in working with young children and families. Miss Charlotte works across both classes and ensures the teaching and learning is of the highest quality. Miss Charlotte deals with the general day to day management of the whole department; from new enquiries to liaising with speech therapists or organising special events. She is here if you want to change your hours, ask about funding or just need a chat about any aspect of your child's behaviour, development or personality. Miss Charlotte's previous posts in reception mean she is ideally placed as an expert in transitioning to big school.

Miss Kelly

Miss Kelly is our Founder and Principal, she designs our unique curriculum, routines, promotes best practice, undertakes research and creates the vision for the future of our school. Miss Kelly knows all the children and will cover teach across both classes, but is very much behind the scenes. She can help you with anything about anything, from Summer Schools, to starting at ACTAcademy after you leave Performatots. As an arts professional and qualified teacher, Miss Kelly has a huge passion for developing creativity in young children and sparking a lifelong love of the arts.



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